Marathi Calendar 2020

Saka Samvat 1942

Last Update: Feb 28, 2020

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2020 displays month and day details in simple and easy way. Current Saka Samvat year is 1942. The calendar displays holidays in Maharashtra, festivals, tithi, panchang, etc.

Marathi Calendar June 2020 - Vat Purnima 2020

Marathi Calendar Kalnirnay 2020 June Jagannath Rath Yatra Vat Purnima Mohini Nirjala ekadashi 2020 Marathi Month Jyeshth Ashadh Saka Samvat 1942

About Marathi Calendar 2020 and Saka Samvat 1942

Samvat is a term that is used to refer to an era that is described through the Indian calendar. Thus, samvat as a term can be used to refer to any of the various hindu calendars. Shaka samvat and Vikram samvat are based on lunar months and solar years. However, the traditional shaka samvat follows the solar sidereal years, and the modern Shaka samvat follows the solar tropical years.

Shaka Samvat is based on the Chaitra calendar years that are named after the solar months named as: - 1. Chaitra 2. Vaisakha 3. Jyaishtha 4. Ashadha 5. Sravana 6. Bhadra 7. Asvina 8. Kartika 9. Agrahayana or Margasirsha 10. Pausha 11. Magha 12. Phalguna

Saka Samvat is believed to be based on the celebration that took place at the time of crowning Shalivahan king in the 78 AD. Gudi Padao (March-April) indicates the starting of this particular year. Reformulated Saka calendar is officially used in India as a civil calendar.

Marathi hindu calendar is need of every Marathi’s for each and every occasion in Maharashtra. Practically, Christian calendar is used in daily routine works. But To identify auspicious days and holy schedules for every faith, fairs, occasion and festivals Marathi's are using Marathi calendar. It almost always is tied in with the country’s history and reminds of a certain golden period therein. The national calendar of India is based on the Saka Calendar which has been adopted as the official civil calendar besides the Gregorian calendar.

Marathi calendar starts a new year after a day of Gudy Padwa. Marathi calendar starts from Marathi month Kartik and followed by Margshirsh, Paush, Magh, Falgun, Chaitra, Vaishakh, Jyeshth, Aashadh, Shravan, Bhadrapad and Aasvin.

Days in a week of Marathi calendar are pronounced as Somvar, Mangalvar, Budhvar, Guruvar, Shukravar, Shanivar and Ravivar which are same in Christian calendar accordingly Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In Marathi language the weather seasons are called as Hivala, Unhala and Pavsala accordingly for winter, summer and monsoon. There are also sub seasons called Vasant(spring), Grishma(summer), Varsha(monsoon), Sharad(autumn), Hemant(pre-winter) and Shishir(winter).

Marathi month Chaitra and Vaishakh are considered as Vasant or Spring. Similary Jyeshth and Aashadh are the months of Grishma or Summer, Shravan and Bhadrapad months considered as Varsha or Monsoon, Kartik as Sharad or Autumn, Margshirsh and Paush as Hemant and Maha and Fagan as Shishir or Winter.

Marathi Saka Samvat Calendar is about 78 years ahead of Christian calendar. So it means if the Marathi Saka Samvat year is 1940 then Christian year will be 2020 (1942 - 78). The Saka Samvat calendar was founded by the Kushan King known as “Kanishk Mahan” to celebrate ascent of his state. If the date falls between the beginning of the Western year and the end of the Indian year then 78 year need to subtracted otherwise it will be 79.

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