Marathi Month Calendar July 2019 - Guru Purnima 2019

Last Update: Aug 17, 2019

2019 July Kalnirnay Marathi calendar showing festivals, holidays and tithi. July corresponds to the Marathi months of Jyeshth Ashadh.

Guru Purnima, Ashadhi Ekadashi 2019 - Marathi Month Jyeshth Ashadh

Kalnirnay 2019 July Calendar

Marathi Calendar Kalnirnay 2019 July Guru Purnima Darsha Amavasya Sai Baba Utsav Shirdi 2019 Marathi Month Jyeshth Ashadh Saka Samvat 1941

About Marathi month Jyeshth Ashadh - Saka Samvat 1941

Marathi month Jyeshth Ashadh are the months of Varsha rutu. The monsoon season or Varsha Ritu is the time of year when it rains heavily across much of India. It is time for the Hindu festivals Rath Yatra and Guru Purnima. Guru Purnima, Sai baba utsav Shirdi, Vaman Pujan, Dev shayani ashadhi ekadashi, Lokmanya Tilak Jayanti, Kalashtami, Durgashtami, Kamika ekadashi, Som Pradosh and Darsha Amavasya comes in this month.

We made a marathi calendar images month wise with marathi language so marathi people can read easily and store images for marathi months of year 2019.

Samvat is a term that is used to refer to an era that is described through the Indian calendar. Thus, samvat as a term can be used to refer to any of the various hindu calendars. Shaka samvat and Vikram samvat are based on lunar months and solar years. However, the traditional shaka samvat follows the solar sidereal years, and the modern Shaka samvat follows the solar tropical years.

Shaka Samvat is based on the Chaitra calendar years that are named after the solar months named as: - 1. Chaitra 2. Vaisakha 3. Jyaishtha 4. Ashadha 5. Sravana 6. Bhadra 7. Asvina 8. Kartika 9. Agrahayana or Margasirsha 10. Pausha 11. Magha 12. Phalguna

Saka Samvat is believed to be based on the celebration that took place at the time of crowning Shalivahan king in the 78 AD. Gudi Padao (March-April) indicates the starting of this particular year. Reformulated Saka calendar is officially used in India as a civil calendar.

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